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01. Our history

Upon the completion of a retraining program at a renowned soap factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the summer of 2018, I founded “SOAP ME”, a company engaged in the production and sales of organic soaps and cosmetics.

Initially, I used social media to make sales, by taking orders online and using my own car to deliver them. For 6 months I participated in a number of expo sales, a TV program, and sponsorship programs.

In September, I registered the company as a Private Entrepreneur, obtaining all of the necessary certificates.

Manufacturer: Anna Alekyan

Date of registration: 10 September 2018

Place of registration: Yerevan, Armenia

Business structure: Sales

Tax identification number: 20164805

License/Conformity: EAC (Eurasian Conformity Mark)


by Anna Alekyan– CEO

Taking into account the success of the brand and positive customer feedback, I intend to develop and expand my business activities. We have rented a 70 square meters office space in Ajapnyak, which will serve as a studio, office and warehouse.

Our mission is to create a world-class soap company that will let us achieve excellence and compete worthily with market leaders. We want to build a soap/cosmetics manufacturing business that will be listed among the top 5 soap manufacturing companies in Armenia. We want to build a quality brand.


by Anna Alekyan– CEO

Anna Alekyan


Hovnan Garanyan

Delivery&Purchase Department

Ruben Barsamyan

Creative Director&Content Creator

Hovhannes Karanfilyan


Armine Beglaryan

Sales Manager